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The space sector in Berlin and Brandenburg

… is characterised by its focus on small satellites and is experiencing continued growth. Businesses and research institutes in the region develop and construct sub-components such as entire small and nano satellites for a range of different uses. These includes propulsion technologies, lightweight structural components, electronics, optics, laser systems, power supply, measurement devices, communications technology, sensors, simulation software, etc.

One reason for the strong growth seen in the region’s space sector is the rapid expansion of private space flight companies seen in recent years. New technological developments allow global challenges to be tackled. These new technologies have found a wide ranges of uses, from helping to protect agriculture, the environment and predict natural disasters to energy supply, telecommunications and automated transportation. All of which have been brought forward by key advances made by businesses and institutions in the region.

Developers and manufacturers of small and nano satellites based in Berlin-Brandenburg are among the world’s leading pioneers, having quickly gained in importance over the last few years. More than 70 companies and research institutes in the German capital region are actively involved in the space flight sector. Together, their wide range of competencies and specialisations represent a holistic, interdisciplinary competence centre for space technologies and applications.

Space missions go hand in hand with the highest technical requirements. These requirements can only be met through the close collaboration of highly-specialised researches and engineers from different fields. The conditions in Berlin-Brandenburg are optimal for just this kind of research and development collaboration: The dense research network in the region and the establishment of technology centres, particularly in the fields of ICT, photonics, and aerospace ensure that New Space companies can carry out development work to the best of their abilities.