«Fast Fourier Transform module» now available

beanair sThe Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) resolves a time waveform into its sinusoidal components. The FFT takes a block of time-domain data and returns the frequency spectrum of the data.

The FFT is a digital implementation of the Fourier transform. Thus, the FFT does not yield a continuous spectrum. Instead, the FFT returns a discrete spectrum, in which the frequency content of the waveform is resolved into a finite number of frequency lines, or bins.

FFT waveform analysis module designed Beanair comes with advanced features:

  • Power spectral density and a new window displays
  • PPV calculation: PPV value in mm/s , Frequency, Amplitude

To have more details concerning this new function watch this Video. Also, have a look on our BeanScape user guide: Click here (page 40 includes all the needed information).

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