Chinese GA market- a chance for German GA industry

cigac airshowBerlin/Schönefeld - Within the framework of the CIGAC 2013, the BBAA delegation participated at the 10th Summit Forum on 19th October 2013. The BBAA delegation consisted of the following member companies and institutions: BDLI, Aviare Consult, AMD Airport Management and Development GmbH, AOPA, Aquila Aviation, and TH Wildau.

The Forum served as an excellent platform for gaining more insight into the current situation of general aviation in China. Chinese institutions, general aviation experts as well as researchers gave an overview of the current state of affairs in GA in China, outlined demands of the Chinese GA market and pointed out opportunities and challenges.

The CAIB as the first national aviation hi-tech industry base in China, stressed the rapid growth of the Chinese GA industry especially in the two last years. It reported an increase in the number of aviation companies which currently amounts to 149. The CAIB also outlined state policies that point towards reforms and liberalization of the low altitude airspace in the last three years. They additionally reported the increasing participation of foreign companies at the Chinese general aviation market such as the US-based Cessna Aircraft Company, Cirrus Aircraft Company, Sikorsky Aircraft Company, Italian Agusta, Austrian Diamond Aircraft Company and Eurocopter.

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) also underlined the rapid growth of the GA industry, which is in line with the overall economic growth of China. It stressed the growing funding means for the development of the GA industry in China that go hand-in hand with the “12th five year plan” of the Chinese government. AVIC emphasized the substantial growth of Chinese aircrafts production and an increase of flight hours especially in the last two years; measured on the 10-year scale.

In light of the current development of GA in China, the forum presenters reported a high demand in pilot training, GA airport planning, aircraft manufacturing. On the other hand, the following constrictions and challenges were also outlined: backward ATC (air traffic control) system, a lack of infrastructures, a lack of professionals, and complicated and strict approval procedures for GA flights.      



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