Price Induction at Paris Air Show

press kit paris air show 2013 1 kopieParis - Price Induction presents its new DGEN 390 turbofan and the latest evolution of the "WESTT" products developped for universities, ingineering schools, research laboratories and aeronautical maintenance schools.

DGEN 390 is a high bypass ratio turbofan based on the same architecture as the « historical » engine developed by PRICE INDUCTION: the DGEN 380. The engine presented at Paris Air Show prefigures the first version which will be running at the end of the year 2013.

As an evolution of the DGEN 380, the turbofan DGEN 390 features a high bypass ratio (6.9) and a geared fan. It presents improved performances in terms of thrust and specific consumption with enhanced aerodynamic and thermal conditions in the core engine. Its core engine is equipped with a cooled high pressure nozzle and an high pressure turbine with attached blades. The expected theoretical performances are a maximum Take-Off thrust of 330 daN, an increase of 30% compared to the DGEN 380, and a specific consumption of 0.7 at Design Point (10,000ft/Mach 0.338) while DGEN 380 SFC at the same point is 0.77.













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