LBAS 2.0

LBAS 2 02018 is the year of transformation at Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS) and I would like to inform you about some key changes we have made.

My name is Clemens Schrettl and I joined LBAS as the new Head of Sales & Marketing. In the past years I worked for Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg as well as in Dubai. With my expertise in Sales for Commercial and VIP & Business Aviation Customers I will ensure to bring valuable impulses for the Sales & Marketing department.

With the upcoming retirement of Christoph Meyerrose at the end of the year Sascha Leitner was already appointed in October as the new CEO. Having started at LBAS in March this year as the COO he initiated the LBAS transformation through a reorganization of the maintenance department, the introduction of a shop floor management system and the consolidation of all maintenance activities into one new hangar.

In the course of the maintenance reorganization the former structure of the LBAS production with three product specific teams (Learjet, Challenger & Global) has been replaced by one single production organization with seven flexible teams. André Blankschein (former Project Manager Team Global) has been appointed as Head of Production.

The planning department was enhanced by a separate unit for slot- & proposal planning as well as a specialist for continuous process improvement. The new department "Production Planning & Process Improvement" is headed by Ines Hultsch (former Project Manager Team Learjet).

Peter Herrmann (former Project Manager Team Challenger) took over as the Head of Network. In this function Peter is responsible for the LBAS Network Station at Moscow (VKO).

Since July our 24/7-NICE-Support-Team started operations. Being part of our MRP-group the 24/7-Team is not only supporting customers of the cabin management and inflight entertainment system "nice®" but also the LBAS operations through an AOG Material support.

We are convinced that these changes will further enhance our quality, will make us more flexible, improve our cost structure and eventually will lead to a higher customer satisfaction. Furthermore we believe that all other stake holders will also feel the improvements and therefore we call this transition program LBAS 2.0 . In a nutshell, we remain the same – only better. We invite you to see for yourself!

Clemens Schrettl
Head of Sales & Marketing
Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services GmbH
Airport BER, ZKS 10 Ost
Elly-Beinhorn-Ring 4, Bldg. Y012
12529 Schoenefeld, Germany
Phone: +49 30 8875 4510
Mobile: +49 151 5891 8070
Fax: +49 30 8875 4511
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